Providing Couples with hand crafted backdrops, ceremony decor, table, chair, and display decor. A fun and unexpected way to add texture and earthy vibes to any boho-chic wedding. Perfect for the modern and bohemian couple.
Client Testimonial REVIEW QUOTE ''This Macrame is so beautiful and I can tell that she put her heart into the whole thing. The custom design and the wooden branch made it such a unique piece that you couldn't find anywhere else. I couldn't love it more!'' - Maggie Grace-Berlin SHOP NOW Group classes and private events Can you Knot LLC Bringing girls night to the next level with local beers, wine and some macrame magic. Meet new friends in our group classes and find a new love for a vintage craft. We are also available to help you host your own private group event and party! SHOP NOW Slide

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Every macrame item on our website is handmade using 100% organic cotton, wood from naturally fallen trees/(live trees are never cut) and humanity gathered deer shed antlers. We will only supply the best quality while also guaranteeing that no living plant or animal will ever be harmed for profit.


“We will only use what is naturally given to us by Mother Nature.”

To see all her work, follow Jenn on Instagram @Boho_by_jenn and follow her classes and private events page

@CanYouKnot for class dates and events. 


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