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jenn volz

Boho By Jenn was founded in Yukon Oklahoma by 28 year old macrame artist, Jenn Volz

Jenn grew up in Las Vegas, NV and moved to Oklahoma to be with the love of her life, Justin. Her and her hubby are happily living in OKC with their 2 rescue pups. 

Jenn discovered her love for macrame after her best friend, Tawny, initially taught her a few basic knots while they made a piece together. Jenn then began to make a few pieces herself and started getting requests for orders in 2019. At that point, she was able to turn her new favorite hobby into a career. During the 2020 pandemic, she was able to open up her small business and is now creating and teaching group classes full time.

“Growing up, my family used to do lots of camping trips over the summer in Southern Utah. During that time my mother would always set us kids up with crafts and fun projects to make. It was always exciting when she pulled out her “craft box” and we got to make all sorts of creations with the overwhelming amount of supplies my mother collected over the years. That’s when my love for crafting starting. Between the crafting genes I inherited from her and the MacGyver-like skills I learned from my dad, I became pretty good doing my own DIY projects and then eventually turning it into a career.”

She decided to and share her love for Macrame with others by opening Can You Knot LLC and conducting group classes and supplying larger than life rental pieces for weddings and special events. 

Committed to sustainably and humanely sourced products while also supporting other small businesses, she is committed to supplying only the highest quality pieces. Every macrame item on our website is handmade using 100% organic cotton, wood from naturally fallen trees (live trees are NEVER cut down) and ethically sourced deer antler sheds. 

“We will only supply the best quality while also guaranteeing that no living plant or animal will ever be harmed for profit. We will only use what is naturally given to us by Mother Nature.”

To see all her work, follow Jenn on Instagram @Boho_by_jenn and follow her classes and private events page

@CanYouKnot for class dates and events. 

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